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Turabtrade import and export limited company has been serving individuals and organizations since 2013. Sectors such as manufacturing, textile, fertilizer, industrial oils, Iron and Steel Industry and so on, which are the locomotives of the industry of our country for many years, are naturally one of our main activities that we strive for, especially in the last period. We are proud to be seen as one of the most reliable and affordable logistics and storage services providers in our country. With the years of experience of our expert team, we have aimed and carried out our workforce to the highest level. Our goal is to make a positive difference in your business through our services, and to establish a long-term relationship with you, and our experience in all the areas we serve, and our commitment to the range of services and customers, makes us one of the most comprehensive logistics service providers. Our achievements in our service quality are also registered with the achievements given by “Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters Association” and we are in the 27th place with our performance in 2018. We pride ourselves on connecting this success to working with many countries around the world. Our main principle is to provide serious gains in our business, which is of good quality in product and service, with its trained technical staff and the unique service quality and support it provides in our main fields of activity, and to achieve success in your business.


Our mission is to create new business areas for our customers with an innovative, customer-oriented quality service approach, to think globally in the modern business world, to provide integrated logistics, customs clearance, insurance and foreign trade services to national and international companies.


To provide value-added services that follow the changes in the society, strengthen social relations, increase the quality of life and motivation of individuals and society, and provide their customers with a fast, economic and innovative understanding and focus on their main activities by looking at the developing technology as a service integrity.

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